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KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD windows are a choice without compromise. They are characterized by all parameters of a modern window of the future. From the point of view of the shape of the geometry, through functionality, statics and thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients, to environmental protection, the system meets not only current requirements, but above all the requirements of the future.

Thin, slender profiles make the surface of the glass larger, allowing more light to pass through. Additional attractiveness of our system is provided by a wide range of decors and innovative aluminum, anodized or powder coated covers

Innovative thermal insulation filling technology proEnergyTec

The high-quality exterior surface of the profiles is extremely resistant to changing weather conditions and is easy to clean

The KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD system is not only attractive for new construction, but is also ideal for more architecturally and energetically demanding renovations

The system with a middle gasket achieves the highest thermal insulation parameters – Uw for a reference window up to 0.73 W/ (m2K), while in the standard version the Uf coefficient up to 1.0 W/ (m2K)

Modern seals provide excellent tightness

The KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD system with special glazing guarantees protection against external noise. The sound insulation value is up to 48 dB.

Ventilation systems program

Better protection against burglary, thanks to the possibility of installing special anti-burglary fittings. Windows with burglar resistance class RC2

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