Winter gardens

Winter garden, also known as orangery, solar veranda or glasshouse. I is not only an attractive way of enlarging living surface of the building, but also a way of improving its energy balance. Available variety of construction variants allows for designing and montage of winter garden according to individual needs and desires.

Ogródy zimowe oknar
Ogród zimowy

The most popular material used for designing winter garden constructions is aluminium: light material which is easy to build and maintain, resistant to corrosion. Aluminium frame are very tight and easy to shape. Additionally there is a possibility of using profiles with thermal isolation inserts, what gives a very high level of thermal isolation – it is a perfect solution for winter gardens, which are meant to be used all year round and be a form of enlarging living space.

Ogród zimowy aluminium
Ogród zimowy konstrukcja

Winter gardens technology

Aliplast family roof systems provide desired thermal isolation thanks to the use of constructional thermal insert. Middle rafters and specifically designed end rafters are used. This allows for easy connection with vertical garden walls (without possibility of frosting). Swivel connections used in hood and ridge allows for continuous regulation of roof angle (in the range of 50-45 degrees). Presented sizes of support elements are approximate, they depend on the placement of the rafters and zones of pressure generated by wind or snow. There is a possibility of enforcing the rafters and the hood with special inlet aluminium or steel profiles. An effective system of water drainage from the roof has also been designed. Hood profiles are used and can be integrated with gutters or used on their own. Aliplast roof systems are suitable for the use of polycarbonate or insulated glass fillings. Solutions used in winter garden systems limit sheet detailing to the minimum. There are few kinds of masking strips: straight, round and those used for renovation. There is a possibility of using ornamental elements (ornamental ridges, construction joints, gutter exit designs) either above or below the gutter.

Ogródy zimowe Kępno


Wzór ogrodu zimowego
Wzór ogrodu zimowego
Wzór ogrodu zimowego
Wzór ogrodu zimowego

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